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Sometimes you’re on top and sometimes it can have you up against the ropes. Although that fight can only be fought individually, you do not need to be alone.

The Cornermen can offer you a private and confidential space to come and talk to someone that will listen to you without judgment, help you formulate strategies, encourage you to keep going & try to identify positives.

We do this by inviting you for an initial look round the club, explaining what to expect and introducing ourselves. It is then completely left to you to say if you would like to use the service or not.

If you would, we book you in at a time and date that works around your other commitments.

Then each session we decide what you would prefer to do, just talk, walk, hit the bags and pads, lift weights or go for coffee. It can be a one off or regular slots.

If you would like to know more please get in contact.

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“I would recommend cornermen to other men…”

I would recommend The Cornermen to other men because it can provide you with an outlet, in the form of someone to talk to, with experience in dealing with mental health problems. It also provides you with a physical outlet, in the form of boxing in my case, to let off steam, whilst being motivated to push on, and given the freedom and time to talk things over.